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Upcoming Classes

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Beginner Obedience & Fundamentals For Pups & Young Dogs

July class: Sunday 7/14, 7/21


This group class is for puppies and young dogs; age guideline between 3.5 months to 3 year old. Dogs must be friendly. Special dog age exceptions apply with permission from Francesca. The class is 3 hours. More details >


Beyond Beginner Obedience: For Indoor & Outdoor Everyday Etiquette

March class:  3/17, 3/24

City streets, cafes, and busy parks! This group class is conducted in the real world with everyday challenges that I will prepare you for and coach you through to the finish line.  You won’t find another class like this one. Dogs must be friendly. Special dog age exceptions apply with permission from Francesca.  Each class is 3 hours. More details >


Agility Class: All Levels

Next class: TBD | Join Waitlist Here

This is a fun, non-competitive, positive reinforcement based course for all levels designed to promote healthy exercise, mental stimulation, improve confidence, and trust between dog and handler.  Each class is 2 hours. More details >


Search and Rescue Class

Next class: TBD | Join Waitlist Here


Learn the fundamentals to teaching dogs to use scent and work along other dogs from all training levels as a pack in a simulated search and rescue situation that leverages their natural instincts using positive training techniques! Dogs must be friendly. Each class is 2 hours. More details >


Off Leash Class

Next class: June 8 & 9 


This course is designed to teach your dog to be off leash and under your command at all times as a responsible pet owner so you can provide off leash experiences in nature like on hiking trails, camping trips, or park excursions with your pup.  Dogs must have previously trained with me. Each class is 3.5 hours.  More details >


Separation Anxiety Workshop

Next workshop: TBD | Join Waitlist Here

This course is designed for families with dogs that suffer from some form of anxiety when  separated from their owner especially when their owners leave the home.  Both working spots (bringing your dog) and audit spots (without your dog) available.


Each workshop is 2.5 hours. More details >

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