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Separation Anxiety Workshop

This course is designed for families with dogs that suffer from some form of anxiety when  separated from their owner especially when their owners leave the home.  Working spots (bringing your dog) and audit spots (without your dog) available. Each workshop is 2.5 hours.

Time & Location


8:30 AM – 11 AM, each class is 2.5 hours

Ernest E. Debs Regional Park

4235 Monterey Rd

Los Angeles, CA 90032, USA

About the Event

Hi Pack Leaders! 

I have developed a workshop designed to give you a roadmap to healing your dog’s separation anxiety.  

This course is designed for families with dogs that suffer from some form of anxiety when separated from their owner especially when their owners leave the home.  

In order to treat the separation anxiety we need to understand the root causes of the disorder. Whether you recently rescued a dog with separation anxiety or have been living with a dog with separation anxiety, I can train and educate you so that you can implement my program.

What we will cover:  

  • Structured Walk - How to properly walk your dog, and why it’s important to both exercise your dog mentally and physically on the walk.

  • Place Work - How to teach your dog “PLACE"  and why it’s an important form of structure and discipline in the home. 

  • Crate Work - How to properly crate train your dog and why a crate can serve as a safe haven for your dog.  

  • Feeding Ritual - How to properly provide food and sustenance for your dog so your dog  respects you and feels protected. 

  • Leadership - What is leadership to the dog. How to implement leadership in your home so your dog learns to trust and respect that you know what’s best for them.


Prerequisites: Your dog must be friendly with other dogs and people. You must be able to  control your dog on leash.   This is NOT for doggies with aggressive behavior. I offer private sessions to address aggression to enable you and your dog to participate in group classes. Dogs must be at least 4 months old, in good health and fine with other dogs and people.  

Qualified Working Spots: Your dog must be reasonably quiet and behaved to hold a working spot. If your dogs are going to be in the workshop, they must not be a big distraction. When  the dog is not working, he must be by your side on a leash. You may bring one family member. 

Audit Spots: One audit spot per person. No dogs allowed for audit spots. 


What is required from you:  Have an open mind, be willing to put in the work and have fun.  Family members are welcome as long as there is one primary handler that is committed to coming to all the classes.  Children must be under your control. 



Rules Of Engagement:

  • No retractable leashes or harnesses allowed.  Slip Lead, Pinch Collar, and/or  The Sidekick (Transitional Leash) are recommended tools.  You can order The Sidekick at  For tiny dogs, I recommend the Mendota slip leash (3/8ths 6').  For powerful breeds that are strong pullers, I recommend Herm Sprenger 2.25 or 3.0 Pinch Collar and 6' thin leather leash.  

  • Bring 15” check cord. Recommended brand is Mendota.

  • Bring elevated dog  bed (must be elevated).

  • Bring treats and a treat bag.

  • Show up at least 15 minutes early to get acclimated and find our location.

  • If you are late, it poses a disruption to the pack.  Do your best to be on time.

  • Be responsible and keep a healthy distance from other dogs and people.

  • One dog per handler. You may bring a partner and/or children over 12 under your control.

  • You and your dog must be in good health and able to walk on uneven terrain and do moderate walking.

  • **Please wear athletic shoes or hiking shoes as we will be walking on uneven ground.

  • Bring water for you and your dog in a backpack. No handbags. You need to be hands free!


  • Trainer reserves the right to remove anyone disruptive to the class with no refund. 

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