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* Now offering in-person or virtual sessions via Zoom


Private Training

No two training sessions are alike.  We will get to the root of the problem.  I will teach you how to shape your dog's behavior to create the dog that you want.  No gimmicks 


Group Classes

Think you are ready to experience formal training, but want to learn in a group format? Group classes provides everyone with the opportunity to learn along side other members in a friendly and safe environment.

In my classes I teach dogs self regulation, social skills and obedience, in that order. It does you no good to have a dog that can sit, if he can't stop barking because he never learned how to relax around new people and other dogs, in public. I coach people how to read, lead and enjoy their dogs.   

These classes are designed for dogs that are friendly to mild behavior problems. These are fun but serious classes. No gimmicks or ribbons at the end.  Be prepared to do the work and get results.  

Classes Include: On Leash Obedience & Social Skills for Young Dogs & Puppies ( "Obedience"), Advanced On Leash Obedience & Social Skills, Search & Rescue, Pack Hikes. Follow us on Instagram and Sign up for our emails to be first in line.


Puppy Training

Our puppy program places a heavy emphasis on setting limits that your puppy can understand and on proper socialization to assist your puppy in the transition into your home and lifestyle.  My program also addresses your individual puppy allowing you the one-on-one opportunity to ask questions that apply specifically to your situation.


Pack Excursions

We offer field excursions for your dogs to provide them with structured exercise, socialization and positive imprinting.  We pick up your dog and arrange for your dog to have an outdoor field excursion with other like minded dogs. We do these hikes in beautiful outdoor settings. These excursions are designed for existing clients whose dogs need the continued support and socialization.