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Get to Know Me and My Pack

Francesca Tardue

Dog Psychology, Board Certified Dog Trainer, Mom

Commitment to Being Real

I've helped a lot of people and dogs. I've given them freedom, understanding, empowerment, hope, joy and peace-of-mind. I've made homes and streets safer. I've worked hard, had a lot of help along the way, and I created a business called Francesca's Dogs.


The reality is I found freedom in working with dogs. It's the space where I feel the most at home, where I can share my gifts. 

My Experience 

I cut my teeth in the dog training world fostering abandoned and feral dogs. I did my best to train and rehabilitate dogs so that they could be adopted into families rather than be euthanized. I learned the hard way, made many rookie mistakes, and got bit many times (and so did my own dogs). I never blamed the dogs, they were just being real


Those experiences made me realize that if I was going to make a material difference in the lives of dogs and families, I needed to understand the dog's mind. I couldn't expect them to understand mine. I attended National K-9 Professional Dog Trainer School where I studied under Scott Mueller, a pioneer in dog training and rehabilitation, and school Director Bob Jervis. Upon graduating as board certified dog trainer, I started my own business first by training my friends' dogs for free and then, through their recommendations, I began to build a modest reputation as a professional dog trainer. 


In 2015, I was fortunate enough to be selected to attend a Train The Trainer Seminar lead by Cesar Millan. From that experience, I started apprenticing for free at Cesar's Dog Psychology Center before I was hired as a Head Trainer for group classes. Cesar's ranch felt like Harvard for dog trainers, and I felt like I should be paying him for the opportunity. 

Since I believe mastery is a life long commitment, I continue my education by mentoring under Linn Boyke, who trained under Cesar Millan and founded The School of Dog Psychology. 

My Family

I'm also a single mom of 2 adopted boys. I am adopted myself so it was always a natural inclination that I would eventually adopt children of my own. My boys are aged appropriately to be involved in my business. Being a trainer is like being a farmer, it's a family business and it's 24/7.  It's not an option; it's a way of life.

My Approach


I speak for the dogs. It's our responsibility to understand the dog's perspective since they can not understand ours.  

We motivate clients to use our approach through demonstration, education, and coaching. Once they get a glimpse into what is possible, the real transformation begins.

Every dog is unique.  We address the root problems and honor what is best for the dog and you.  This is why, before beginning any training, we schedule a phone consultation with me at no cost to you. I will often ask for a few video clips of your dog before we begin training. These videos allow me to analyze your dog's behaviors and interactions.  

Based on our conversation, we can then decide on the best training plan and associated costs. 

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