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Play the Role of Dog Parent

Did you know that a wolf pack is really just a family unit with possibly several generations of litters, widows, etc?

The unrelated mating male and female (aka parents) are responsible for their family's survival. There is no alpha role per se as wolves do not compete to breed with relatives. The mating male and female play interdependent parental roles where each may be submissive or dominate depending on the task or reproductive cycle. A wolf offspring may leave the family in order to find a mate. That's where we get the term 'lone wolf'.

Dogs are like juvenile wolves in a way. They typically don't leave the family. This leads me to the question - Does it make sense to play an alpha role with our domesticated dogs or would it make more sense to play the role of dog parent? The later seems more natural to me. What role do you take on with your dog?

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