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Francesca Tardue

Board Certified Dog Trainer / Dog Psychology



My name is Francesca Tardue. I am a board certified trainer with 10 plus years of dog psychology and dog training experience.


My unique approach to dog training is just as much about teaching your dog as it is teaching you! I am a family dog trainer specializing in reactivity, puppy development, obedience, shy dogs and off leash. 

I call myself a "dog coach" because dog trainer doesn't really do justice to the process. The training experience I provide is just as much about training the dog as it is about understanding and educating you as an owner.   



I create training that fulfills your needs and transforms your dog. 

Private Training

 Training and rehabilitation to meet the needs and abilities of you and your canine. Each training program begins with an evaluation of your dog's behavior and history, then an appropriate training plan is created to cover your needs and expectations.

Board & Train

The board & train is meant to challenge your dog in a way that empowers your dog to learn, feel good about the human dog connection and to respect the rules, boundaries and limitations.  Our unique approach to behavioral training focuses on coaching you as well as training your dog. 

Group Classes

Do you want to experience formal training, but learn in a small group setting ?  Group training provides everyone with the opportunity to learn with and meet like-minded dog owners in a friendly and safe environment.  

Pack Walks

Field excursions for your dog provide them with structured exercise, socialization and positive imprinting. We pick-up and arrange for your dog to have a field excursion in natural outdoor settings around Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley. 



Francesca teaches easy to understand principles backed by dog psychology. At the end of our two hour session, we were walking our dog comfortably and WITHOUT FEAR. Worth the money, highly recommended."


—  Luke S.

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