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"Francesca the Dog Trainer is the very embodiment of what it is to be powerfully present with both the dogs she trains and the the dog's "parents" (as she calls them). She knows the exact right amount of expectation to give to both as she quietly and assuredly teaches you to expect your dog to listen to you and makes listening to you your dog's number one priority. I went from pulling my hair out after taking on a dog that was way too much for me, to having that same dog become the dog who was put on this earth to serve and protect me and my family. I was surprised to find out why she was against training with treats...because your dog has to be invested in YOU and your well being and not just be in it for the rewards. Francesca teaches you how to bring out fully your dogs ability to love. I learned way more from Francesca than dog training. I would rename her business Zen and the Art of Dog Training because of how much wisdom I gained from my experience of working with Francesca.”​
MJ and Ruby, 1 year old
German Shepard


We rescued our 4 year old German Shepherd, Marley, from a shelter and had her only a month before we decided we needed to get some training.  She's nearly 70 pounds and got to the point where I couldn't handle her on walks.  We had a feeling she knew most typical commands but we didn't know how to get her to listen to us.  Within 30 minutes of working with Francesca, we had a different dog!  She not only trained Marley, but us as well!  She is extremely friendly, knowledgable, and thorough.  I cannot say enough good things about her! After only 2 lessons, we felt confident enough in our dog and in ourselves to maintain the level that she set for us.  We will definitely keep her  number for when Marley needs a "tune-up".  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”​
Chris, Lindsey and Marley, 4 year old rescue​
German Shepard


Francesca’s training completely changed our relationship with our dog. He was out of control and was often not much fun to be around. On walks he would get excited, jump up in the air and spin around, he even bit through several leather leashes. He just would not mind and he was big enough that he could really be a problem. Francesca’s title “dog trainer” is really misleading. She actually trained us just as much as she trained our dog. With her coaching were able to help our dog be the well-behaved member of our family he really wanted to be. He is a joy to be around now and people often comment that he is so well behaved. He is and we owe that to Francesca and her extremely effective training… of our dog and his people. ”​
Fawn, Stan and Larken, 2 year old Golden Doodle​


"Bran was the best dog, I had him from 8 weeks, I did the house training but Francesca convinced me to use a crate, He loved it and would always go there for a break. He started behavioral training at 12 weeks, and took to it straight away. Francesca trained both Bran and I from then on. I never had to use a lead because he remembered everything. She worked hard with us, and he respected her. Even as an old dog he still learned new tricks. Training him from a baby meant I had the most devoted best behaved friend for life. I could bring him anywhere, knowing that he would behave. He loved life, swimming and his family. His good start stood to him all his life. We really miss him. As I am in a different country, the next dog that stays with me will have to be trained by me.I just hope I do as good a job as Francesca, but she also trains the person,so maybe I may remember a little of what Bran did."

Therese, puppy preschool and adult training, 8 week - 1 year old Golden Retriever






"Amazing, the entire tone of our home has changed for the better in a very short time.  I would definitely recommend Francesca to anyone who wants to totally improve the relationship between themselves and their dog." Christine R., One private session, 1 yo Poodle



"I have a 3 year old Australian shepherd who had become extremely reactive and unpredictable toward other dogs, especially big ones, while he is on the leash. If he encountered a dog that barked at him, whether behind a fence or on a leash, he would lunge and bark at them. I had a hard time controlling him. He is very strong and would drag me down the street on our walks. He was stubborn and only listened to me when he felt like it. It got to the point where I dreaded walking him. He has always been sweet toward people but when someone would come to the house he'd become overly excited, barking and running around out of control. Which can be a little scary if you don't know him.After seeing some big changes in the behavior of a friend's dog, I asked for advice and she referred me to Francesca. I am so grateful!It has been about two months now and I have a different dog. I never thought it possible. He is calm all the time, doesn't bark at other dogs, walks alongside me without pulling, doesn't even acknowledge squirrels or cats. He listens when a command is given. It has been life changing. We are all so much happier!

Francesca is amazing!

 Aristea, Aussie