About Me And My Tribe

        My Experience


I began training dogs for families in Columbus Ohio 10 plus years ago  as a second profession. I started off volunteering my services as a foster dog mom for abandoned and feral dogs.  I trained and rehabilitated  dogs so that they could be adopted into families rather than euthanized.  I established myself as someone who could rehabilitate the troubled dogs.  Based on these early experiences, I recognized the need to address the behavior  issues of adopted rescue dogs if I was going to make a difference in the lives of rescue dogs and their families.  I attended National K-9 Professional Dog Trainer School where I studied under Scott Mueller, a pioneer in dog training and rehabilitation and school Director Bob Jervis.  Upon graduating a board certified dog trainer, I started my own business first by training my friends dogs for free and then through their recommendations, I began to build a reputation as a professional dog trainer in Columbus.  I was nicknamed "dog whisperer".  I quickly learned that dog training is a delicate balance of training the dog, dog psychology and teaching the owners. In 2015, I was fortunate enough to be selected to attend a Train The Trainer Seminar lead by Cesar Millan.  From that experience, I started apprenticing at Cesar's Dog Psychology Center before I was hired as a Head Trainer.   I now incorporate a great deal of the dog psychology I learned from Cesar and the top trainers at The Dog Psychology Center.

I continue my education by mentoring under Linn Boyke, who trained under Cesar Millan and founded The School of Dog Psychology.  


My approach to training is instinctual. My goal for every client is to bring out the dog of your dreams by bringing out the primal spirit in you.  







     Free Phone Evaluation


Before beginning any training, I will schedule a consultation with you over the phone at no cost to you.  


This consultation is free and there is no obligation to sign up for training. Simply email francescasdogs@gmail.com to schedule a free phone consultation.   Please leave a telephone number along with best dates and times to talk.  


Also, include a picture of your dog.  I will often ask for a few video clips of your dog before we begin training.  These videos allow me to analyze your dog's behaviors and interactions.  

If you just want to know the bottom line, we need to talk first so that I can share my offerings with you and my initial assessment.  A figure out of context won't tell you much about what I can do for you and your dog.   


     Finding the right trainer 


Before you invest your time and money into training your dog, you first need to understand what type of relationship do you want to have with your dog and what type of training experience you want for you and your dog. 


Although there are exceptions, it is important that anyone you hire to work with your dog have proper credentials including a certification from a reputable dog training facility, years of training experience and excellent references.  Next, you want to ensure that you and your trainer have the right chemistry. 

Will you take the time to have your dog trained by someone that treats your dog with respect, knows how to motivate your dog and takes a long term perspective with clients? 

When you experience that level of training, you will know what it feels like to be in the zone with your dog.  



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